Best Assistance - Syria about us  

Best Assistance was established under the name of Bankers Assistance -Syria.

As a third party administrator, in order to widen its clientele and to conserve the marketing identity of each payer; BAS took a strategic decision to emerge into the Syrian market by changing its name to “Best Assistance” thus emphasizing its main value which is to provide top-of-the-line assistance.

BAS’ methodology and spirit in managing Healthcare Insurance Plans lies in the balance of its two prominent missions:
1. To Control the Cost related to the insurance benefits for several payers in the Syrian market;
2. At the same time, providing Best-In-Class Assistance services through involved Management and committed Human resources that are able to achieve Customer Delight.

BAS' multi-disciplinary skilled team consists of professionals in health insurance benefits administration:
                 Healthcare administrators
                 Customer services
                 Specialized Physicians
                 Paramedical staff (Nurses, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, …)
                 Information Technology Engineers

BAS currently manages medical policies for its beneficiaries
Via a Network of medical service providers to cover all the Syrian territory with more than 450 Healthcare providers;
It has an extension to the Lebanese Network of service providers with more than 700 Healthcare providers;
Head quarters in Damascus with 2 regional offices and representatives throughout Syria.

BAS' team expands across the borders to Lebanon, with affiliations to Bankers Assistance Lebanon (BAL) and around the world with affiliation to NASCO KARAOGLAN Group (NK).


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